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Some of our programs:

  • Basketball, Football, & Soccer Skills Training (Individual, Group & Team Training)
  • Mini Stars Sports Development 
  • Mentoring & Tutoring
  • Camps
  • Basketball, Flag Football & Soccer Leagues

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Welcome to All Stars Are Bright Corporation

Here at All Stars Are Bright, our mission is to provide high quality, character-building athletic and educational experiences for boys and girls grades K-12.

Goals of All Stars Are Bright:

  • Mentor youth and encourage them to shine to their maximum potential.  
  • Provide children a positive learning environment that will help them unleash their potential.
  • Empower youth to take responsibility in all areas of their life.

    All Stars Are Bright Corporation (All Stars ABC) is an international organization established for the education, instruction, and enrichment of young boys and girls in the sport of basketball, but most importantly in the areas of social, professional, and educational skill building.  At All Stars ABC, we hold true the belief that ALL of our students are stars.  Just as the stars in the night sky shine bright, all of our student athletes shine bright as well.  Close examination of the night sky reveals that some stars shine brighter than others.  Brightness depends upon the star's distance from Earth.  It may appear that some of our "Stars" at All Stars Are Bright shine brighter than others but this is merely a reflection of their distance or progress thus far in life.  
    Our purpose is to have all of our students shine bright reaching their maximum potential in the classroom, on the court, and ultimately in life.

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